Scotland 2021: The West Coast

Try something you didn't think you'd be doing this year - get kayaking in the west coast of Scotland.

West Lancs Scouts Paddlesport Group offers you a chance to enjoy the fantastic coastline and remote islands off the west coast. The proposed dates are 18th to 28th July 2021.
The initial plan is to drive to the Oban area and use sea kayaks to venture for 10 days touring off the west coast of Scotland. The expedition will be self supporting, we will take all our food, camping equipment and personal gear in our sea kayaks whilst we explore off the mainland. 
Who knows what we may find, what sea creatures we might see and desperately get a good photo of before it disappears – so we like to keep our plans flexible! We have allowed 11 days for the trip as this will give us time to travel to Scotland and pack the kayaks – which as those of you who have done this before know, can take half a day before setting off!
The expedition will be led by West Lancashire Leaders with extensive sea kayaking experience.

All you need to know

The deadline for application forms is Sunday 31st January 2021.

• The total cost for this trip will therefore be no more than £550.

• Most activities will be run using member’s own personal kit including tents, stoves etc, and a detailed kit list will be distributed well in advance – you may be able to borrow some of this kit from your Explorer Unit or District.

• For more information email the team on

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