Goodbye 2021 & Hello 2022!

As we prepare to say farewell to 2021, we wanted to thank each of you for your time, commitment, support, flexibility, and the ability to miraculously make things happen throughout the year for all members within our District.

What a year, again, it has been.  We went through each readiness level yet with each challenge, each readiness level, each risk assessment amendment and each change of process, whatever it has been, you have met head on and ensured that programmes were delivered, online or face-to-face and that all members continued to feel included and far less isolated.  You have truly accomplished so much.
So, as we prepare to welcome 2022, and though we do not know at this moment in time what changes, demands, obstacles and excitement that will bring, what we do know for certain is you will ensure that in each of our lives there will be a familiar constant and consistency – and that is truly remarkable.
We share sadness with a number of our Scouting families who have lost loved ones in 2021, and they will all be in our thoughts at this time.
Very best wishes to you, and your families, for a very happy and safe 2022.
Victoria DaSilva (District Commissioner) on behalf of the District Team & Executive Committee

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