Youth Shaped

Youth Shaped Scouting is all about ensuring that the young people  who enjoy scouting in Blackpool, get the opportunity to shape their scouting experience in partnership with adults.

Youth Shaped Scouting is about evolution, not revolution. It’s about giving young people greater opportunities to give their views and opinions, and making sure that we listen to these, and act on them.

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Click here to see resources for leaders and young leaders to make implementing youth shaped scouting as easy as possible, seeks to answer any questions you may have, gives information about opportunities for young people to become more involved in shaping scouting.

The Team

Jordan Shuck

District Youth Commissioner

I’ve been actively involved in Scouting since I was a Beaver, continuing through each section and I am now an assistant Beaver Scout Leader at 1st Bispham. As well as being District Youth Commissioner, my other roles in the District include, Media & Communications Editor and I am a producer for Blackpool Gang Show. We all work hard to create an everyday adventure for young people in Blackpool, letting them shape their own scouting adventures.

Ben Hughes

Deputy District Youth Commissioner

I’ve been involved in scouting since I was a Beaver at the 37th Blackpool and carried on through Cubs, Scouts and onto becoming a Young Leader. I am currently a Young Leader at the 37th Blackpool and a Deputy District Youth Commissioner, where we can all make scouting more Youth Shaped in Blackpool.

Tayler Kippax

Deputy District Youth Commissioner

My current roles are being an assistant leader with the 44th Blackpool Cubs, which I have been apart of for many years now and I enjoy what I do there, I am very pleased to be a part of this fantastic role bringing new ideas to the table and to show what