Media Relations & Marketing Badge

Develop your eye for a compelling story and generate ‘hooks’ to draw in audiences. Become a creative storyteller and get media coverage for your story.

Join the Blackpool Media & Communications team as we work together to earn your media relations and marketing activity badge. We’ll cover all the requirements you need for the badge and a little bit more. 

Zoom Details

We are running two sessions to make sure as many people can get involved as possible. These are Monday 22nd March OR Wednesday 24th March 2021 both at 7pm.

Sign up for the session by clicking here.

Please rename yourself on zoom to First Name and Group (e.g. John – 24th Blackpool).

Be prepared for the session

To get prepared for the evening, we need you to bring and prepare a couple of things to help you achieve the badge. Pick ONE of the following options and get ready to show us on Zoom.

  1. Write about a Scout event. It could be a short review of your latest camp or online session. Be creative and it may be used online or in the newspaper.

2. Prepare and present an audio or video package about a Scouting event or activity. The report should be accurate, informative and reflect the adventure of Scouting. 

Any questions please email or DM us on social media.