Youth Shaped

Youth Shaped Scouting

The more young people are involved in shaping their Scouting experiences the more they will get out of it, and the more likely they are to stay, do well and achieve their top awards. 

Our new strategy; Skills for Life lays out a plan for the next five years to 2023 so that we can support even more adults and young people as we develop Scouting’s future together. With this plan we’re building on the successes of our last plan Scouting for all, by continuing to focus on growth, inclusion, youth shaped Scouting and community impact.  

Involving young people in decision making is essential for our governance structures to stay informed and responsive to the fast-paced changes facing young people in the 21st Century. By encouraging a mixture of experiences and ages on our executive committees and District team, we are more likely to encourage healthy debate and make better decisions which are relevant to the lives of young people in today’s society. 

There are four themes of Youth Shaped Scouting: 
•    Programme
•    Leadership (Including transition at 18 years)
•    Management 
•    Governance

Check out the resources below, and get to know the District Youth Commissioner team who are here to help and support you. They will be at many events so don’t forget to say hi. Email the team on

Thank you to all groups that took part in #YouShape month this year, take a look at a round-up of what we did as a District here.

We want every young person to shape their own adventure. February is YouShape month and we have resources below for each section to use to encourage young people to make more decisions, shape their own programmes and take on leadership roles. 

Use the resources on the tab above to plan your programme and make sure you share them on socila media using #YouShape and emailing the DYC team on

YouShape badges, worn as an occasional badge on the uniform, are now available to purchase, you can award these to all young people who take part.

This year, as part of YouShape 2019 we want your views on the future of YouShape. We are proposing the introduction of a YouShape Award to further embed Youth Shaped Scouting as a key part of the programme. We hope that within your plans for February you also ask young people their views and submit their feedback and ideas to us. 

We have created a consultation pack that explains the proposed YouShape Award and how to take part in giving your feedback as well as the views of young people.  

YouShape Award consultation pack 

We would love to hear from as many adult volunteers and young people as possible.

Wear Their Necker

An initiative called Wear Their Necker, encourages young people to temporarily take on a volunteer role. If you or young people wish to run a Wear Their Necker event you can use the following resources:

Wear Their Necker Factsheet
Wear Their Necker Certificate

Jordan Shuck

District Youth Commissioner

“I’ve been actively involved in Scouting since I was a Beaver, continuing through each section and I am now an assistant Beaver Scout Leader at 1st Bispham. As well as being District Youth Commissioner, my other roles in the District include, Media & Communications Editor and I am a producer for Blackpool Gang Show. We all work hard to create an everyday adventure for young people in Blackpool, letting them shape their own scouting adventures.”

Ben Hughes

Deputy District Youth Commissioner

“I’ve been involved in scouting since I was a Beaver at the 37th Blackpool and carried on through Cubs, Scouts and onto becoming a Young Leader. I am currently a Young Leader at the 37th Blackpool and a Deputy District Youth Commissioner, where we can all make scouting more Youth Shaped in Blackpool.”

Tayler Kippax

Deputy District Youth Commissioner

“My current roles are being an assistant leader with the 44th Blackpool Cubs, which I have been apart of for many years now and I enjoy what I do there, I am very pleased to be a part of this fantastic role bringing new ideas to the table and to show what the young people of Blackpool can do!”

4th – 8th February 2019

Mission Possible is a week where as a County we will focus on supporting Explorer Scout Young Leaders (ESYL) to achieve their missions. These missions are designed to allow the Young Leaders to put the learning from the Modules into practice. By doing so, they will gain in confidence and become an integral part of the leadership
team within their Section and Group. Find out more by clicking here.