Youth Involvement

There are lots of things that you can do to involve the young people in your section in shaping what you do:

  • Introduce forums into your section. Specific resources for setting up forums in each section can be found here.
  • Ask young people for feedback and use it to inform future decisions on activities and events. You could circulate simple feedback forms at camps and activity days or have a suggestions box at your meetings.
  • Encourage members to produce a section newsletter that could reflect on the activities they have done. It could be circulated to other Groups and leaders to share feedback and ideas.
  • Set up a ‘diary room’ at a meeting or event, where young people could go and record their opinions onto a video camera.
  • Look at the advice on youth involvement provided by World Scouting.

These are some section-specific ideas, which can be used alongside the more general ideas above.


  • Each Lodge could take it in turns to choose a game to play at the meeting. You could let the Beavers vote using a show of hands to choose between two different activities to complete at a meeting.


  • Each Six could take it in turns to choose and run a game at the meeting. You could let them vote between two or three activities or badges to complete at meetings for example.


  • Hold a vote on which activity badge the Troop will work towards at meetings. You could also ask them to mind map programme ideas at the beginning of every term, and then work together to narrow it down to a few special activities they would like to be included in the programme.
  • If you were going on a camp, you could ask each patrol to plan an evening of activities for the rest of the Troop.
  • Hold a youth takeover night, and let a patrol or members elected by the whole Troop plan and run a Troop meeting. Leaders can support them where necessary.


  • You could support your young people in planning their own camp, including choosing a location, activities and working out a budget.
  • You could hold a youth takeover night, and let a patrol or members elected by the whole unit plan and run a unit meeting. Leaders can support them where necessary.


  • Network should be primarily run by its members.
  • You could support the Network members in planning an event or competition, which could involve either other Scout Networks or younger sections.
  • Encourage members to set up a blog or social networking page, where they can share their ideas and feedback with other Network members.

The Wall of Youth Involvement

Check out the Wall of Youth Involvement below and use it to gauge where your section/group currently is and by using the resources and asking us for help we can climb the wall together to make Blackpool District more youth shaped.

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