Scout News

On 12-14 May, there was a good turnout of Scouts from Blackpool attending the County Rally at Waddecar and there was a Patrol Leaders Day where new skills were learnt. In May, Scouts joined the JOTT walks and we had the inaugural Tower Challenge which was a Cub/Scout linking activity which was won by 4th Blackpool, with runners up 7th Blackpool and 1st Norbreck. The Tower Challenge involves making structures from dowelling and elastic bands, the first exercise was making a cube and then the teams had 20 minutes to make a Tower.

In September, Scouts attended the County PL’s Forum held at Fylde on the 14th and the weekend of 22-24 September was the link camp at Mowbreck which is held to encourage older Cubs and Scouts to work together. On 25 November there was the Explorers/Scout event at Waddecar which was an escape and evade hike. On the weekend of 17/18 February 2018, there was the Bowlander training held at Waddecar and Beacon Fell and the Troop into March, which were attended by Blackpool Scouts and troops representing Blackpool were from the 7th, 10th, 11th and 37th Blackpool.

On 25 February the Scouts cookery competition was held, this new competition is loosely based on ‘Ready Steady Cook’ and 15 teams of Scouts cooked a one course meal from mystery ingredients which was won by 1st Norbreck. The Scouts enjoyed it so much that it’s going to become a regular fixture in the calendar. On 16 March there was the Road Safety Competition which was won by 1st Norbreck. Scouts from 5th Blackpool won the Scout Section trophy at the Swimming Gala in March. The President’s Flag was won by 51st Blackpool.

We were delighted that a number of Scouts earned their Chief Scout’s Gold Award, congratulations to
all who achieved this high accolade.

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