Scout News

The Scout section in Blackpool is doing very well. The 53rd are now on a firm footing and numbers are beginning to grow steadily. Two new troops have been opened—11th on Newton Drive and 20th at Holy Trinity Church.  We look forward to these and all troops growing.  The Patrol Leaders day in May, was well attended with 28 PLs attending.

Competitions give the Scouts a chance to meet together and get to know each other, as well as a chance to have a bit of fun and friendly rivalry and hopefully take home a trophy to show the rest of their group. The winners of this year’s trophies are:-

  • Swimming Overall Trophy – 5th Blackpool
  • Road Safety Competition – 44th Blackpool
  • Presidents’ Flag Competition – 37th Blackpool

The Bowlander County Competition was well attended by Blackpool this year, as was County Rally with nearly 200 Scouts and leaders attending and a Scout from 1st Bispham winning the Chess Competition.  We would like to see more Scouts achieve the Chief Scouts Gold and congratulations are due to all who achieved this top award.