The BIG Weekend In!

Blackpool's Biggest Digital Camp

22-23 August 2020

From graduations to trips with friends, young people have missed out on all kinds of things this year. We thought they deserved something really special so we've put together The BIG Weekend In!

Thank you for joining us on our action packed weekend of activities from the comfort of home! It’s been fantastic to see you all getting involved, don’t worry if you missed anything you can check it all out below and still take part! Click the button below to download your certificate for the weekend. Well Done and Thank You!

Saturday's Programme (22/08/20)

Let’s get the weekend started! Join us LIVE on our Facebook page (Blackpool Scouts) for a warm welcome to the BIG Weekend In by some familiar faces!

Suitable for: Everyone | Led by: Special Guests

It’s time to get your camp ready! Get your creativity whirling as you need to create your own den at home for you to sleep in this weekend. Whether it be a tent in the garden or a fort made of pillows and blankets – it’s up to you!

Don’t forget to share your camp den with us on social media, head over to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tag us @BlackpoolScouts and use the hashtag #BpoolBIGWeekend.

Suitable for: Everyone | Takes: 1 hour | Led by: You!

What will I need?

    • – 7x Wooden Lollipop Sticks
    • – 7x Elastic Bands
    • – 1x Spoon (Metal or Plastic)
    • – 1x Bag of Sweets (Your choice!)

Suitable for: Everyone | Led by: Phil Wheatley

Let’s take a break and get some food down us. Our next activity starts at 1pm so we’ll see you then!

What will I need?

    • – 2x Balloons
    • – 1.5m length of wool or string
    • – 1x Drinking Straw
    • – 1x piece of A4 paper or card
    • – Sellotape
    • – Scissors

Suitable for: Everyone | Led by: Claire Hadgraft

What will I need?

    • – 1x packet of uncooked spaghetti
    • – 1x packet of marshmallows or similar

Suitable for: Everyone | Led by: Emma Hornby

What will I need?

    • – 1x pair of (clean) ankle socks
    • – Pens
    • – Paper
    • – Round items (for a target)

Suitable for: Everyone | Led by: Heather Clegg

It’s tea time! Time for some food and then make sure you’ve got your best singing voices at the ready and campfire blankets because at 7:30pm it’s our campfire.

We hope you’ve got your singing voices at the ready because at 7:30pm we’ll be going LIVE on our Facebook page for a virtual campfire. Head over to Blackpool Scouts on Facebook and watch us live at 7:30pm.

Suitable for: Everyone | Led by: Phil Wheatley & 1st Norbreck Scouts

From shooting stars to constellations, see what the night sky has in store. If you’re not ready to log off, find out all the exciting things you can spot in the sky and how to identify them.

Give it a go >

Suitable for: 10–18yrs | Led by: You!


Sunday's Programme (23/08/20)

We start today by focussing on our personal and spiritual development to help reflect on what’s happening at the moment and how we can look to the future all together and say thank you.

Suitable for: Everyone | Led by: Joan Swan

Get up on your feet and let’s get moving for our very own move it, shake it, Scout zumba!



Suitable for: Everyone | Led by: The Zumba Twins

What will I need?

    • – 7x twigs (same length)
    • – 1x leaf (or similar)
    • – Scissors
    • – String
    • – Items that will float (e.g. pebbles, coins, a small toy etc)

Suitable for: Everyone | Led by: Amanda Hayden

We don’t say goodbyes, we say see you soon! As the BIG Weekend In comes to a close we’d like to say thank you to everyone for taking part and to all the volunteers who made it happen!

Don’t forget to share what you got up to this weekend with us on social media, @BlackpoolScouts using the hashtag #BpoolBIGWeekend.

Suitable for: Everyone | Led by: Ellie Harrison, Gabby Howson-Tax & Victoria DaSilva