Getting everyone back
together safely

As lockdown measures start to ease we are working with youth sector partners and the National Youth Agency government body to understand what a safe return to face to face Scouts may look like when the readiness level reduces from red.

Please see the framework and set of guidance on how elements of face to face Scouts could take place and the safety measures we would need to take into account. You can review this guidance now and start to make plans for how you would implement some face to face activities once the readiness level in the nation was reduced.

We all have some work to do now to start planning for us to get back together in Blackpool. Please read the document and start thinking about how this can be applied to your group and meeting place as this will be different for each group.

Remember that we are following strictly the guidance from The Scouts HQ and we will only transition down when advised to restart face to face scouting with approval of the DC and District Exec.

We hope we will be back together soon! But it could still be a few weeks/months away yet. This will give us all time to put plans and measures in place to ensure its done safely. 

If you have any questions please do ask us. For more information please click here.

Our readiness level is... AMBER

The Scouts Framework

The Scouts Framework is aligned with Government-approved guidance for the Youth Sector developed by the National Youth Agency. This framework will apply in every nation within UK Scouting and walks through: the permissions process for restarting any face to face activity. The key considerations to be ready to restart face-to-face activities and how these will be phased. Legal and liability conditions and key control measures for everyone to follow.