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Fundraising Activity Badge

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Fundraising Activity Badge

How to earn your badge:

1. Identify and organise a fundraising initiative for either:

  • The Scout Association, to promote and grow Scouting nationally, or your local group to pay for something like new equipment or a new roof. You could even fundraise for both
  • another UK registered charity

2. Think of a short reason that tells potential donors about your chosen cause.

It must be inspiring and clear to raise the most money.

3. Set a target and a date by which you’ll have raised the money.

We suggest a minimum of £100.

4. Write a short report about your fundraising challenge and submit it to your leader, Troop Forum or Patrol Leaders’ Council.

Detail the cost versus the amount raised and give three top tips that could help other fundraisers.


To show that your Scout has completed the above tasks, you could post photos/videos of them doing the tasks above and if you have any questions please post below.


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