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Fire Safety Activity Badge

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Fire Safety Activity Badge

How to earn your badge:

1. Explain what action should be taken and why, if you discover a fire has broken out in the home or at camp.

2. Explain the process of combustion.

Find out about the effects of smoke and heat and how to act in smoke.

3. Be aware of dangers in the home and the fire precautions necessary for:

  • oil heaters and open solid fuel fires
  • portable electric fires
  • drying clothes
  • electric wiring and fuses
  • smoking paraphernalia, particularly matches
  • uses of household gas, including gas fires
  • party decorations and candles
  • closing doors and windows
  • using BBQs

4. Explain the benefits of installing smoke detectors.

Describe the best places to install them.

5. Learn what the dangers of campfires are and what precautions should be taken.

6. Find out about the causes of heath and grass fires.

7. Learn how to make an emergency call for the fire service.

8. Identify different fire extinguisher types such as water, dry powder, foam and carbon dioxide.

Explain what kinds of fire they should be used on.

9. Find out what to do if a person’s clothes are on fire.

10. Talk to your family about what to do in the event of a fire at home.


To show that your Scout has completed the above tasks, you could post photos/videos of them doing the tasks above and if you have any questions please post below.


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