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Creative Challenge Award

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Creative Challenge Award

How to earn your badge:

1. Over a period of time, take part in at least four creative activities.

Some of these should be new to you. You could try:

  • music
  • photography
  • wood or metalwork
  • needlework
  • cooking
  • website design
  • dance.

2. Show that you have developed your skills in one of these activities.

Show that you know how to use any equipment safely.

3. Use your creative ability to produce something that promotes a Scouting activity or an event.

4. Construct a model using materials like a plastic kit or recycled items.

Alternatively, make a useful item from wood, metal or plastic.

5. Show how to use social media or the internet in a creative and safe way.

Explain why it’s important to use them safely.

6. Take part in a performance.

You could try:

  • magic tricks
  • gymnastics display
  • campfire sketch
  • street dance
  • plays
  • concerts.


To show that your Scout has completed the above tasks, you could post photos/videos of them doing the tasks above and if you have any questions please post below.


Topic starter Posted : 18/03/2020 6:23 pm
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Websites are a brilliant way to show of some creative ideas. From personal blogs to developments there is something to suit everyone.

There are many different ways to create webpages using your home computer. You may use a web based programme (such as wordpress) which are drag and drop with some coding elements. Or you maybe up to a challenge. Parents you may download expression web free from Microsoft which is a full HTML editor, or you can use notepad to start.


Simply create a folder and inside create a file called index.html to start you off. Any images or new pages must be saved in this folder.

I have used a quick pack for Scouts to learn the basics of HTML and make a very basic website. There is also an example website which Scouts have made previously.

To access these files please visit


Sorry district team for the link away I could not see an option to upload onto the forum. There is a lot of info for one post 😆


Posted : 21/03/2020 5:14 pm
Member Admin

@dandavies You should be able to post items as topics now this one was approved. It’s only the first post we need to do that to allow you to continue posting etc


Posted : 21/03/2020 5:40 pm

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