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Planning for next year!!

 Phil Wheatley
(@Phil Wheatley)

Hi folks,

Just a thought that maybe considered;

Could each section plan what they would like to do during the next (September 2020 to July 2021) scouting year ??

THEN, liase with each other and "tweek" the week, weekend, day or whatever and also get the County activities and see what can and cannot be done, make a good "across the board" spread of things and then the activities etc do not clash too much?

I know it is a BIG ask but the 2 SASU's could then plan for any help that may be needed instead of hopefully getting who you can at the last minute.

By the way, the other SASU is the Service Team if you did not know and they have a wealth of skills to share as well as the other SASU.

It's only that you all may have a bit more time to plan!


Phil W

Topic starter Posted : 08/04/2020 8:27 pm

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