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Letters and picture for care homes

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Good morning, hope everyone is well and keeping safe. After speaking to one of my cubs parents and the suggestion from Gordon Marsden as to what the scouts could do, we have been encouraging the young people of 4th Blackpool to compose letters and create pictures to send to some of our older residents in the community. ( we chose to give the letters and pictures to a charity group called re-engage ( to the ladies in the group they prefer the name the smarties), that caters for older memebers of the community who live alone and rely on the monthly get togethers to combat loneliness and isolation... which in normal times is a big problem within that age group, but must have escalated in the sitauation we all find ourselves now.. ). I am planning on retrieving ( safely of course and in accordance with government guidelines), the letters and pictures at the end of the week to distribute at the weekend. 
Some  of our cubs has been making pictures, writing letters and decorating dough decorations for a local care home, and the residents love the interaction. They appreciate the letters and pictures... 

I don’t know whether this something other groups would like to get involved with ? 


Topic starter Posted : 29/04/2020 10:04 am

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