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Good morning, after speaking to one of our cubs parents and the suggestion from Gordon Marsden as to what the scouts could do, the 4th Blackpool have been encouraging our young people to compose letters and create pictures to send to some of our older memebers of our community who are in self isolation,( who utilise a charity called re-engage that enables them to meet up with other members of the group to combat loneliness.which is a big thing in normal time, but with lock down in place, loneliness and isolation is felt even more so.). We decided as a group to send the letters and pictures to the members of the local re-engage group ( more commonly known as the smarties), just so they had some interaction with the outside world... 

some of our cubs have been sending letters and pictures to a local care home for the residents, and have built up quite a good rappor with them... I don’t know if this something other groups would be interested in doing?  

Topic starter Posted : 29/04/2020 9:51 am

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