Chief Scout Gold Award

Chief Scout Gold Award

The highest award in the Scout Section is the Chief Scout Gold Award. To help leaders and young people prepare for obtaining this award we have produced some information below.

This Factsheet is for Scout Leaders to ensure the young people are set up to work towards their award.   

Award FactSheet

To gain your Chief Scout Gold Award, you have completed a lot of difficult tasks. This paper should help you write down what you have done so that you can show off to your ADC/District team what you have done over your years in Scouts!

Simply complete the below template so that you can talk your ADC through your achievements, you may not be asked about all these things, but it is always best to “Be Prepared”. If you need any help, your Troop leader can point you in the right direction!

Chief Scout Gold Project


When all the criteria for award has been completed please complete the attached form and send it to the ADC Scouts.

Gold Award Completion Form