Australia needs you!

We are sure you have seen the devastation that is taking place all over Australia. Many of us are sat here wondering if there was something that ‘we’ could do to help.

As it stands the wildfires have taken the lives of 24 people, destroyed more than 1,400 homes and ravaged 15 million acres, they have also inflicted a grievous toll on Australia’s renowned wildlife. Almost 500 million animals have died with many many more injured.

There has been some Twitter and Facebook activity asking for assistance of knitted items to help the injured/abandoned kangaroos/young wombats, wallabies etc.

Pouch examples

This is where you come in…….

Do you know anyone that can knit and would be prepared to get their needles working some magic?

Would you like to make some in your group or section?

We can arrange collections at groups once completed and then arrange for them to be posted to Australia.

Below are some instructions for the pouches for you to follow and a website with more info.

Joey Pouches

Pouch Instructions

Wildlife Rescue AU