Africa 2021

In the summer of 2021, we will be taking a group of Explorers and Network members from West Lancashire Scouts to Malawi to undertake a community project in an extremely disadvantaged area. We will be working with the charity FOMO to build a new education centre. This project will improve the lives of those living in that community and also provide the participants with a life-changing experience and a myriad of new skills. This is West Lancs’s most ambitious project yet and we need an amazing group of participants to ensure it is a success!

When will the trip be taking place?

The trip will begin in July 2021 following the end of the school year and will return in August 2021 shortly before results day.

Who is eligible to apply for this trip?

Anybody born between 01st September 1996 and 31st August 2005.

How much commitment will this trip be?

The trip will be no more than £1,955. As a team, we will do all we can to try and deliver the trip at the most affordable price we can.

How many participants are we looking to recruit?

We are recruiting 30 participants for the core contingent and an additional 15 to undertake their Scouts of the World Award.

What will happen after I apply?

You will receive an email from the team acknowledging your application. After the deadline of the 22nd February, you will hear if you’ve been invited on the selection event.

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