4th Blackpool shape their Scouting with a skating trip

Young people shape their own Scouting adventures with a trip to the ice rink.

4th Blackpool Scouts, based @thegrange on Grange Park, had some festive fun down on the Tower headland at the ice-skating rink last week. Coming from the ideas of young people this evening was truly youth shaped. The more young people are involved in shaping their Scouting experiences the more they will get out of it and this is a perfect example of it.

After chatting with their young people, the adult volunteers put the idea into action and planned a fantastic evening for the Scouts. Sean, one of the Scout leaders, was so dedicated to make sure the evening went ahead he stood in the pouring rain at the ticket booth to make sure no one missed out.

Some of the Scouts faced the ice with hesitation but they ignored the butterflies, took a deep breath and went for it! Millie, one of the Scouts said “I wasn’t looking forward to getting on the ice as I thought I’d fall over, and everyone would laugh at me and I wouldn’t be able to do it. But I did it! It wasn’t so bad falling over, it was funny, and other people were falling over too.” By the end of the session they were much more confident and extremely pleased with themselves that they had attempted something that they hadn’t done before. Then back on the bus the Scouts were chatting about what or where they could do or go next, with Alfie, a Scout, asking “what else is on the list?”.

Lead volunteer, Lorraine, said “seeing the Scouts leave to go home with their parents with smiles on their faces and telling them all about it is the only reward as leaders we need. Especially, when the Scouts were the ones that instigated the actual activity after a YouShape session”.

We know that Scouts empowers young people. They learn to ask the big questions, play their part, and think for themselves. It can help them to build confidence in themselves and stand up for what they believe in. Get stuck in yourself!

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Youth Shaped Scouting

The more young people are involved in shaping their Scouting experiences the more they will get out of it, and the more likely they are to stay, do well and achieve their top awards.