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JORDAN SHUCK – District Youth Commissioner

I’ve been actively involved in Scouting since I was a Beaver, continuing through each section and I am now an assistant Beaver Scout Leader at 1st Bispham. As well as being District Youth Commissioner, my other roles in the District include, Media & Communications Editor and I am a producer for Blackpool Gang Show. We all work hard to create an everyday adventure for young people in Blackpool, letting them shape their own scouting adventures.

BEN HUGHES – Deputy District Youth Commissioner

I’ve been involved in scouting since I was a Beaver at the 37th Blackpool and carried on through Cubs, Scouts and onto becoming a Young Leader. I am currently a Young Leader at the 37th Blackpool and a Deputy District Youth Commissioner, where we can all make scouting more Youth Shaped in Blackpool.



TAYLER KIPPAX – Deputy District Youth Commissioner

My current roles are being an assistant leader with the 44th Blackpool Cubs, which I have been apart of for many years now and I enjoy what I do there, I am very pleased to be a part of this fantastic role bringing new ideas to the table and to show what Blackpool can do!